Monday, 18 November 2013

Juggling books - watch those corners!

I have attended numerous book launches and writing events recently where I was lucky to receive some wonderful free books—the best type of freebie there is! However, the downside to this is my TBR (to be read) pile is borderline unmanageable.

I usually juggle reading a few books at once—not including reading and editing my novel manuscript. There’s my TV commercial break book, the book I should be reading because everyone is talking about it and therefore I should read it and form my own opinion, and the book I read at bedtime. This might sound a little strange to those of you who aren’t book-obsessed like me (but I’m assuming you are because you’re here reading my blog! J) but each book provides something different, relevant to their reading conditions and time-slot. For example, I cannot read an un-put-downable book during TV commercial breaks—for obvious reasons. Nor can I read the “I really should read this for my education and enlightenment” book before bed as it’s often not relaxing. My favourite books are always savoured at bedtime; the one time where I can focus on nothing else but the story I’m reading.

Sometimes I might shuffle my books around; the “enlightening book” might become really entertaining or the “TV commercial book” might become un-put-downable. This method helps me stay on top of my TBR pile and combats the dreaded "did not finish" books.

What’s your reading strategy? Do you read multiple books at a time or do you only immerse yourself in one story world and let your TBR pile grow like an untamed vine? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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