Saturday, 27 April 2013

The not-so-secret writing life of Astrid

So, this is my first blog post, it's very exciting and completely nerve-wracking too, of course! First off, thank you for coming. I know everyone's extremely busy, so a huge thank you for taking some time out to read my blog. I'll try to make it worth while!

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Astrid and I've worked in the Film, VFX and Animation industry for over eight years and—for a lot longer—have had the secret desire to become a published author. With the help of this blog it won't be so secret anymore!

What will my blog be about, you ask. Well, hopefully my blog will be a source of inspiration for others out there who—like me—have always wanted to see their name printed on the front of a beautiful glossy book-cover. Ever since I was a kid, I've dreamed of being an author and being able to hold my own book in my hands, but becoming a published author can be a long and difficult process. I will share my writing experiences, my journey towards publication and any useful information and insight I have discovered along the way.

So, what is it that I write? Mostly Young Adult fiction, I've just finished the first book in a speculative fiction trilogy and next will be working on a stand-alone adult fantasy/horror novel as I wait to hear back from publishers/agents on my first manuscript. I've always enjoyed reading fantasy, science fiction and paranormal books which has influenced my writing. As they say, write the book you would enjoy reading. Although, I hope others will enjoy reading my novels as well!

I love telling stories and all the little details that bring a story to life, it's pure magic on a page. Much has been said about the magic of movie-making but there's also a lot to discuss in regards to the magic of the written word and how it inspires our imaginations. On this blog I'll discuss my thoughts on films based on books, which seems to be happening more and more. I also believe the publishing industry is taking more risks than the film industry these days and I want to delve into why this is the case, and hear your thoughts too. The film industry appears to be stuck in the world of superheroes, reboots, sequels, prequels and remakes, yet books are hitting our shelves with more creative and original content each week. Seeing both books and movies are my passion, I plan to compare the two industries and how they overlap.

What else? Well, to be honest, there will probably be numerous posts and photos about cats. I have two beautiful burmese cats (a cat is a writer's best friend, after all) and they no doubt will appear on my blog, although they have yet to learn how to type, try as they might by sitting on the keyboard.

I look forward to hearing about your writing, reading, or any opinions you have on Film, TV, story-telling, and of course books. I want to make this a lively place where we can discuss the things we're passionate about so I'd love to hear your opinion!

I look forward to sharing my writing/blogging journey with you.

Until next time,


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  1. Hi Asti

    How very brave to put yourself out there - and what an inspiring goal, one that I am convinced you will reach.

    It would be so nice to see some original creative thinking make its way in to the film industry. It is sooooo needed.

    You can be a leader in this, you have the style, ambition and most importantly the creative mind to make this be true.

    As they say in the world of Star Trek - MAKE IT SO